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Roots are not a problem!
1727 East 4th Hutchinson, Ks 67501
We are experts at sewer and all
types of drain cleaning. We use
Ridgid sewer cleaning machines.

These powerful root and sludge
cutting machines are safe on
sewers and have a 200 foot reach.

Our sewer machines are portable
for easy access to basements,
roofs, or those hard-to-get-to
sewer clean-outs.
When Your Drains Are Clogged, You
Need Help From A Trusted Professional!
Sewers should be cleaned once a year to
save the expense of a replacementand    
the hassle of having a flooded house!
Take the WORRY out of your plumbing dilemmas and get in touch with All Clear Sewer.
They are experts in all phases of plumbing repair and installation.  
Throughout the years the plumbing industry has made notable progress.  The development of new technology
has made the mechanical systems for homes and commercial properties a great deal more economical and
cost effective. This prominent plumbing contractor can swiftly dispatch their repair service to your home or
business 24 hours a day.  Their experienced crews are knowledgeable in all aspects of the plumbing business.
For all types of plumbing repairs,
All Clear Sewer is the one company that stands ready to get the job done
in a hurry. It’s exhilarating to find a company that knows that the customer must come first.
Just remember that a "Good Flush" beats a "Full House" when your sewer is backed up!
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We also offer Residential as well as
Commercial Maintenance Programs
We take great pride in the fact that we are the most advanced   
  Sewer and Septic Service in Kansas
      At ALL CLEAR SEWER we offer septic tank pumping and cleaning service.
We are your complete one stop service for all of your sewage and drainage problems
All Clear Sewer is a fully Licensed Septic Installer
Septic Tank Pumping