Septic System Jetting
Septic System Failure: Recognizing the signs
Hydro jetting a septic field is sometimes proposed as an inexpensive alternative to
repairing a failing septic system. If you have water standing in your septic field or
around your tank, it just might pay off to jet the septic field before replacing it at
today's cost. Jetting a septic system in most cases is about 1/4 to 1/8 of the cost of
a new system. All Clear Sewer & Septic has had a 99.9% success rate with jetting
septic systems saving people thousands of dollars over the years. There is no other
plumbing business in the state of Kansas that can make such a claim. All Clear
Sewer & Septic has the right equipment to get the job done and done right!
Reno County
RotoRooter, Roto Rooter
What you see here is the perforated septic pipe that is your drain field. This pipe becomes
clogged with all kinds of waste such as grease, soap, food and roots. It forms a layer called
biomat. The roots give the biomat some fiber to build on and there's only 2 ways to fix this
problem. You either spend up to $20,000 or you call All Clear Sewer & Septic and have your
system jetted. All Clear Sewer & Septic is the leader in septic system jetting and has been setting
the standards for years. All Clear Sewer & Septic has come up with a process that has been
proven hands down to be the #1 process  in correcting failed septic systems and bringing old
systems back to life.