Septic Systems
  All Clear Sewer is a fully Licensed Septic Installer
Everything that goes down any of the drains in the house (toilets, showers,
sinks, laundry machines) travels first to the septic tank. The septic tank is a
large-volume, watertight tank which provides initial treatment of the
household wastewater by intercepting solids and settleable organic matter
before disposal of the wastewater (effluent) to the drain field.
Chambered System
Pipe and Gravel System
We do everything from Repairs to total Replacement
Most Septic Systems need to be pumped out every two years in order
to keep the drain field working properly. If you don't do regular
pumping your drain field will become clogged with a biomat formation
and cause a septic back-up in your tank or worse, your house. Until
now, the only way to restore your system was replacing your drain
field. All Clear Sewer is now jetting drain fields and restoring your old
septic system and has saved many home owners thousands of dollars
by just jetting the old drain field.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a new system, you should
try to have your old drain field jetted. Jetting is your last hope in
restoring your old septic system.

Remember that you should have your tanked pumped every two (2)
years and avoid the cost of a $8000.00 to $15,000 replacement system!

Save money and have your tank pumped today!
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