The sewer Camera
The camera allows you to actually see
the interior condition of the drain line. It
also lets you see the material the drain
line is made from. You can tell if the
problem with your drain line is in a
specific location, or if the whole line or a
portion of the line needs replacing. If
there is a break in the line, the camera
not only confirms the location of the
break but allows you to see the nature of
the break, as well. A camera can also be
used to visually inspect the condition of a
sewer line when planning to connect
another sewer into the line. It can also be
used for pre-house sales or whenever
the need arises to confirm that a sewer is
in good condition.
We use the Ridgid SeeSnake Video
System not a cheap E Bay system like
other's use.
If it`s not a SeeSnake you`re not
getting what you are paying for!
We take great pride in the fact that we are the Most
Advanced                       Sewer and Drain company in central